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Serving health

We are convinced of the need to have to shake up current approaches and mentalities, far too traditional to meet the needs of new markets.

Our vision is based on a fair model in which development benefits companies looking for growth levers as much as in Arab countries which are full of opportunities that can meet these challenge

We advocate the alliance of economic development of companies with the growth of Arab countries, all thanks to the involvement of j ambitious players endowed with a faculty of understanding the world in real time.

Our area of intervention mainly concerns the field of health, in all its different forms, and in particular:

  • Medication
  • Medical equipment
  • Structuring equipment
  • The design of health centers and hospitals
  • The mobile emergency hospital
  • Hospital equipment
  • Training adapted to each sector areas of intervention

Our mobilized team

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CEO  Eldahia

Hasan Mansour

Doctor of space engineering and communications

General Manager of Alpha2 to Eldahia


Phone: +33782022097

COO Chief Operating Officer

Ali abdelaziz Elmaghribi

Specialiste engineer

Eldahia Development Officer


Phone: +218 918 232 800 

             +218 926 318 790

CMO Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing and Sourcing specialist


Phone: +33 67 423 5129

             +213 55 929 4041

CSO Chief Sales Officer 

Abdessalam Frej Fattis

Senior Officer

Responsible for the Beniwalid sector, the central region and South Libya


Phone: +218 91 322 8691

            +218 92 763 7198